Ate Thammie Sy‘s blog post last week, How He Loves Us, reminded me of a portion of the conversation I had with that young Bhutanese gentleman in my When It Hurts entry.Here goes:

“All religions are alike,” said Mr. P. “They have different names and culture. It’s doesn’t matter whether you believe in Yahweh, Buddha or Allah. They teach about a certain way or a road or a path but all these leads to one destination. Heaven. Nirvana. Paradise.”

To him, that is the truth. I knew and felt otherwise. My insides revolted. I just knew my God is different. And He is real. My mind raced to grasp for words to tell this person or should I say anything at all?

The “S” Personality in me said I should nod simply and smile politely. But no, I couldn’t contain what I feel about God.

That’s it.

“My God is different because He loves.”

He frowned.

“You’re right, all religions teach a certain way: to be good to your neighbors; to pray and meditate; and, to offer your life for a cause. God is pleased with all of these but the motivation for His love is not based on our worthiness but on His eternal grace. He died for us while we were still sinners.”

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Romans 5:8 

“God knows the number of our hairs. He knows our greatest eccentricities and still loves us the same. He died for us to live. Do you know that? It even takes more that head knowledge to understand this. You have to feel it for yourself.”

Mr. P shrugged. He didn’t seem convinced. I didn’t expect him to. The Gospel is not purely an intellectual matter. It involves the heart and, through the Holy Spirit, God alone can touch a person’s heart.


That night, he was leaving in a few days time. All I could do was to hope that he will take home this simple yet mind-blowing truth: God loves. 


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