Superman Complex (Part 1)

Superman – commonly seen as a brave and kind-hearted hero with a strong sense of justice, morality, and righteousness.

Complex – a core pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes in the personal unconscious organized around a common theme. Complexes are thought to operate “autonomously and interfere with the intentions of the will, disturbing the memory and conscious performance”

Superman Complex. Ano ito? Nakakahawa ba ito? Nakamamatay?

Ito ang inspirasyon ko sa pagsulat ng Anong hanap mo ‘teh for

Iyon lang? Syempre… hindi.

Ang Superman Complex ay isang kundisyon na complicated. Complex nga, eh. Hehe. Okay, alam ko sabaw ang eksplanasyon ko. Nakita ko sa Wikipedia ang definition nito pero may sarili akong version. Ito ang tawag ko sa isang komplikadong kundisyon ng puso kung saan ang isang tao ay nagfi-feeling superhero. At, oo, isa ako sa mga dinapuan nito noon.

Sintomas na tinamaan ako ng Superman Complex:

Tingin ko pasan ko ang mundo, dala ng isang lalaki ang solusyon sa problema ko at, pag naging kami, aayos ang buhay ko.

I constantly looked for a guy who’d save me from my damsel-in-distress state. I’ve put expectations on a guy more than he can meet. When he wasn’t caring and always-to-the-rescue anymore, I got frustrated, hopeless and broken again. Next thing I knew, I was falling for the next new guy who’s sensitive enough to treat me right. And, the vicious cycle went on.

Sintomas na tinamaan siya ng Superman Complex:

Gusto niyang pasanin ang mundo para sa’kin. Tingin niya, nasa kanya ang solusyon sa problema ko at siya ang makakaayos ng buhay ko.

He was always looking for someone to save. His ego feeds on every accomplished ‘mission’ of saving a damsel-in-distress. He cared for me, yes. He might even loved me. But when he met another girl who’s more desolate than I was, he found himself falling out of love with me and into this next new girl. And, the vicious cycle went on.


God showed me, I didn’t have a diseased heart; I had a dead heart. It takes more than a superhero, or another mortal being, to cure me. I needed God’s saving grace and resurrecting power.

Little by little, He taught me not to look to a guy; to look to Jesus to fulfill all my needs and meet all my expectations. He loves me more than enough to die on the cross.

If a guy tries to convince you that you need a saviour but doesn’t point you to Christ, that’s a big WARNING sign on his head. How can another human being, who also needs saving, save someone else? His words and gestures may be sweeter than honey but look deeper, you’ll find them empty. Pag sinabi niyang he will give you everything, the sun, the moon, the stars, the comets and asteroids– everything as in LEHET– sinungaling siya. Because he can’t. Only God, the creator of the Universe can give all your needs. He gave you Jesus and I pray that you may find completeness in Him.

I’ve said, a real man is someone who acknowledges he isn’t Superman but knows he has a super God whom he can always depend on for wisdom, strength and courage to lead, love, and protect a woman like Jesus did. That wasn’t just super and heroic. That was life changing.

Iwasan-iwasan ang mga feeling Superman. Una, hindi natin sila kailangan. Pangalawa, tingnan mo ang costume niya. Nasa labas ang brief. Damit pa nga lang hindi na niya maayos, buhay mo pa kaya?


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