Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Every day, we are faced with decisions to make.

“How do you do it?” a friend texted me one day.

I asked, “do what?”

“Be single and contented.”

Hmmm. Good question. Paano nga ba?

Before I can reply, my friend texted again, “God?”

Kung nasa harap ko siya, kukurutin ko sya at sasabihing, “alam mo pala, eh. Nagtatanong ka pa.”

But he was many kilometers away so all I could say was, “Yes.”

How else could I’ve done it?

To give you a background, this is a very close friend. We grew up together. We tried several paths in the pursuit to happiness and contentment together. We started attending youth church services, went through the awkward stage of not knowing whether to clap and raise our hands or not, and laughed out at Ptr. Dennis Sy’s (then youth pastor)¬†preaching together.

At one point, we were inseparable. But somewhere along, our paths began to separate when we made different choices. We’re still good friends until now but when an outsider looks at our lives, he’ll see that there’s something different.

I chose the path of singleness, my friend chose the path of relationships.

Honestly, at first I thought it was impossible to be single and contented. But now, I AM.

I can’t say that happiness can be found only in singleness. One can be single yet miserable.

Happiness and contentment can be found NOT in a relationship or outside of it. It is found in God alone.

But it’s not like I woke up one day and I am what I am.

Everyday, I had to decide.


I had to choose to let God be in control in EVERY area of my life, to erase numbers in my phone book, to spend white Christmases and dateless Valentine’s Day, to let Him pluck out ugly insecurities from my heart, to let Him heal every wound, to put back shattered pieces of my heart together, and to fill the deepest longings in my soul.

I can’t say that I made the better choice but I’m sure my friend knows if I did. My friend had and still have a choice NOW. It only breaks my heart to see my dear friend still choose to run away. But I’m hopeful. Someday…

Everyday, we are faced with decisions to make. We are given choices. Which one is yours?


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