Lakbay Cebu – Day 2

Day 1 continued.

From the North Bus Terminal to Maya Port,  it’s a five-hour ride. Some private van owners offered a ride for the same rate as the bus fare. Although they promised a shorter trip, without unnecessary stops, we opted for the bus ride. The van was a “colorum”, that’s why.


At the Maya Port, we embarked a boat that took us to Malapascua. After 30 minutes, we were greeted by Mike, the owner of Aabana Beach Resort. He and his friendly staff ushered us to our cottages. Hungry after the long ride, we freshened up and looked for a place to eat. Mike suggested a restaurant that was a 30 minute-walk. I won’t write about it because it was a bad dining experience for most of us.




And oh, the beach? Lovely. The sand? At its finest. I’ve never been to Boracay where they say the sand is baby powder-like but Malapascua is perfect for me already. The same, or better, pristine beach without the overpopulation. I can leave my lumang tsinelas on the shore and just walk and walk and walk without worrying of stumbling over sun-bathers. We practically had the resort to ourselves.

We took the rest of the afternoon to roam and test the waters. Too bad, it was low tide already. We resolved to get up early the next morning to get most out of the beach. After a dinner bought from the baryo, we capped the night with board games and the all-time favorite game Pinoy Henyo. We had buckets of laughter, of course.


Day 2 began with a hearty breakfast by the beach and, ehem, photo opps for social media profile picture.


We rented a boat that took us around the whole island and stopped at three snorkeling sites. Neil braved the ocean for his first snorkeling experience. Great job! At the first site, we saw a coral snake. At the second, there were Nemos and Dorys. At the third, we saw the remains of a ship-wreck. It reminded me of the movie Artificial Intelligence when the boy was looking for the Blue Fairy in the submerged city.


Back at the resort, we enjoyed a late lunch by the beach at Exotic Dive Restaurant. Waaaay better than yesterday’s one. After freshening up, we picked our own comfy spots in the cottage and found ourselves in dreamland. Now, we’re couching in front of the tv, watching The Voice. Yes, there’s electricity in the island and cable channels, too. ‘Til tomorrow’s adventure! 😉


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