Lakbay Cebu – Day 3

I woke up early to pack our bags and get ready for our ride back to the city. Our check out time was at 12 noon. The rest of the team enjoyed one last swim while I watched, playing the role of the photographer. I was tempted to jump into the water but I didn’t want to do last-minute packing. I think moms are like that. We would always want to ensure that things are all set. Or, is it just me? Hehe.

Neil enjoying one more swim

We had a quick lunch before hopping into the boat. Back at Maya Port, a rented van waited for us. The travel lasted for only four hours.

In the city, we stayed at Hotel Stella in Fuente, a few blocks away from Crown Regency Hotel. Neil and I loved our room. The sheets smelled nice and crisp. The warm bath relaxed my exhausted nerves.


After chillaxing in our room for a while, we headed off to Pido Grill in Cabahug Street. For me, it was the day’s highlight. My hands down to their sizzling tuna belly garlic. The toasted garlic bits masked the “fishy-ness” of the tuna and the meat was so soft and juicy. The baked scallops won second runner-up.

Sizzling Tuna
Baked scallops
Parang hindi to umabot sa'kin!

It was a tiring day but a good meal is all it takes to wash all the pagod away. 🙂

Photo credit: Alvin Ong


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