Noong bata ako at kumakain kami sa labas, lagi akong pinapagalitan ni Mama. Kasi naman nagpapa-order ako ng pagkaing hindi ko naman kakainin. Ang tawag daw dun “takaw-mata.”

Ang taong takaw-mata raw ay naglalagay ng pagkain sa plato niya pero pag natikman na niya at hindi niya ito nagustuhan, hindi niya ito kakainin. Ito rin ang taong nagtatambak ng sangkaterbang pagkain sa pinggan niya pero di pala niya ito kayang ubusin dahil sa dami.

A nurse’s notes
The average human stomach can hold about one liter of food to a maximum of three. The stomach, composed of involuntary smooth muscles, continuesly contracts throughout the day to digest the food we eat. So, when it is empty, signals are sent to our brain. The brain then send signals to different organs to make us want to eat. We start salivating. Our sense of smell heightens. (That’s why when a food smells good, all the more we crave to eat it). This whole process is a reflex called hunger. Gutom Jones. Hungary.Tom-guts.

When receptors in the stomach sense that it is full, they send signals to the brain to make us stop eating. Sa madaling salita, busog.

Naalala mo yung feeling na nasa buffet ka tapos hindi mo alam kung anong uunahin? Sa dami ng choices, maglalagay ka na lang ng “a lil bit of everything”. Trying a little bit of everything would be nice. The problem is, we don’t really get to enjoy the food. We taste it for the sake of tasting it. Pagkatapos, kahit puputok na yung tyan, parang gusto parin, alang-alang lang sa pagkasulit ng binayad.

Minsan, ang buhay ginagawa nating buffet. Lagay ng lagay ng pagkain sa plato, hindi naman kayang ubusin. Oo tayo ng oo. Commit ng commit. Gusto nating gawin lahat nang sabay-sabay. Multi-tasking at its finest.

While it is great to experience as much as we can, we’re only given 24 hours a day. Those 24 hours are so valuable you can’t buy it back when lost or get more when it is up.

So, we must be very wise about choosing which activities to put on our “24-hour plate”.

photo credit: http://www.serdef.org/

Here are three C’s I’d like to share (a note also to myself):

1. Choose – Resize. Limit. In a buffet, where everything looks nice, choosing is tough. But it’s not about what WE want. With our selfish nature, we’d always want EVERYTHING. We want the satisfaction, others’ approval and the credit for achieving great feats.

Rather than asking what WE want, let’s ask God what HE wants. Afterall, His plans are greater than ours. Those bits that we’re trying to juggle aren’t necessarily bad but He doesn’t expect us to do everything. Learn to say NO to the many things we want so we can focus on the few most important things He wants.

But Samuel replied: “Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the voice of the LORD? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.

1 Samuel 15:22

2. Chew – Ang sabi-sabi, kailangan daw nguyain ng 20 hangang 40 na beses ang pagkain para madali itong matunaw sa tiyan. Now that you’ve let go of some things from your plate, you can savour every single bite. Break free from F.M.O. or the Fear of Missing Out. Tell you what, if you’re in the middle of God’s will, you’re not missing out on anything at all.

3. Churn – It is the process by which the stomach mechanically digests ALL our food and turn it into a smaller mass called chyme. From this, the small intestines pull out the nutrients we need to make our body function well.

As we enjoy each moment, learn from it. Let’s slow down and avoid rushing to the next season. God allows us to go through certain circumstances so He could teach us golden lessons.


Isang malaking karangalan ang mapili at maimbitahang maging bahagi ng Core Team ng Hardwired Singles ministry sa Victory Greenhills. Sobrang excitement at kilig ang nadama ko noon pero kinailangan ko itong tanggihan. I knew that if I commit to the role, I will do a disservice to the ministry because my motherhood duties will always come first.

Like eating, stuffing ourself with too much will make us sick. Do everything, accomplish nothing. What’s worse, we hurt others with broken promises. Papano na lang yung kawawang tumpok ng gulay na naiwan sa gilid ng plato? Nasayang lang. Kung hindi natin kinuha, nakain pa sana ng iba. Wag natin hayaang takawin tayo ng ating mga mata sa mga bagay na mukhang maganda pero hindi naman kayang panindigan.

Before committing to do something, first ask what God wants you to do. Focus on those things and enjoy ech moment for what it’s worth.


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