Project Ember: Bags of Joy

Last December’s Sitting Pretty event was a wonderful opportunity to be a blessing to the awesome kids at Gala Foundation. God provided amazingly that there were even backpacks donated and delivered a few days after the event.

However, we had one dilemma: there were only 15 bags. There were 23 children. We needed 8 more. So, we decided to raise another fund for the remaining bags needed and put something delightful inside each bag. Hence the event’s name “Bags of Joy”.

Personally, I encountered greater challenges this time. Maybe because of the other challenges I faced at balancing life and work. But God is good! When I thought and felt that the event wasn’t going to be pushed through, He just kept on pouring blessings and provisions through people I least expected to give. I mean, hindi ko na kinailangan magdalawang salita. Favor talaga ni Lord yun.

So here I am, in the middle of the night, packing the bags and thanking God that He blessed each person who gave so they can be a blessing to others.

I just want to say that packing these bags isn’t merely about putting the gifts inside. Every bag contains a set of notebooks (thank you people from Sterling Paper), a Jeremiah 29:11 shirt (made by my friend, Neram), AND is sealed with a prayer of hope for a future for each kid whose name is written on the card. A prayer and declaration that they have victory over their past and present circumstances through Jesus Christ who fought and won it all for us.

To smile and hope for the best inspite of your circumstances, that is joy.  That’s what we really want to give these children.

So, as I finish packing these bags tonight, or as soon as you read this, will you help me? Utter a prayer for the kids in Gala and for those who are still in the streets. That is more than enough. Thank you.


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