Happiness, Thankfulness, and Selfishness

Being on a sick leave has its own perks. One, you get to sleep all day. Two, you don’t have to move a lot or do anything (having a private nurse in the person of your mother is such a blessing). Three,  you get an ample amount of emo solitary moments to reflect on the relation of thankfulness and happiness.

Di ko naman talaga intensyong mag-emo. Sadyang napadpad lang ako sa YouTube channel ng Soul Pancake. They have a good line up of videos. I cried while watching most of their videos especially this one:

It’s an experiment on the effect of expressing one’s gratitude or thanksgiving to another and how is it related to the expressing person’s level of happiness. The video says that those who expressed their gratitude had an increase in the level of happiness at the end of the experiment.

Happiness and Thankfulness

As I browsed on, especially on their Science of Happiness segment, I had a sad realization. That is: Most people are sad. And that people need to make conscious efforts to keep themselves happy.

Ang mga Pinoy ay natural na masaya. Kahit ginyera, bagyo, at tidal wave na, nakukuha pa ring ngumiti. Alam nating lahat yan. Di na natin kailangan ang mga experiment na ganyan para maging masaya tayo.

Likas din sa atin ang pagiging thankful. Una, siguro dahil sa pagiging mga alipin natin sa loob ng tatlong daang taon. Sanay tayo magpasalamat dahil sanay tayong binibigyan.

Kung kapos ka ngayon sa buhay, pasalamat ka dahil alam mo ang pakiramdam ng binibigyan at natututo kang magpasalamat. Dahil kung nasa’yo na ang lahat (minamahal kitang tapat) ngayon at mawala yan bukas, hindi mo ma-appreciate kung anong meron ka.

Pangalawa, isa tayong bayan na nakakakilala sa Panginoon. Yung faith natin sa kanya ang nagbibigay satin ng katangian na higit pa sa happiness. Ang JOYFULNESS. Joy is being happy and content not just because of but also inspite of.

I appreciate the values of the Soul Pancake. They live up to their name, a food for the soul. But I think, more than feeding our soul, we should also feed our spirit. And what is more satisfying than the Bread of Life, the very Word of God, and the Word that became flesh, Jesus?

How’s your relationship with Jesus? Kailangan ba ‘yon? (If that’s your question, leave me a comment or email and let’s talk about it).

Happiness and Selfishness

I used to have a friend (he decided we’re not friends anymore because of a decision I made between me and “my” God) who believed that “A selfish motive produces an altruistic action.”

He argued that whenever a person shows kindness to others, it is always spurred by an intention to benefit himself first. For example, when a person gives to the poor, he’s not giving because he wants to, he’s giving because he wants to feed his ego and boost his image. Big ego + good image = Happiness. Side effect na lang yung talagang nakatulong siya.

A person who believes in that doesn’t really know the meaning of kindness and giving. Cos if he did, he’ll know that giving will cost you more than it will benefit you and you still choose to give inspite of.

Bakit ko sinasabi to? If we were to assume that my old friend’s theory is true, then, the participants from the video were like using kind words so they can feel happy about themselves. But for me, selfishness is when you hold back words of appreciation from people whom you love and loves you.

So, go ahead. Express your gratitude whether it’ll make you happy or not. And does it even matter? When you tell a person how much you appreciate him/her, that will surely make them happy. And in love, the happiness of the other person definitely matters.


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