Soundtrack ng Buhay: Haven’t Even Kissed (Moriah Peters)

I haven’t been writing. To my imaginary virtual readers, I’m sorry and not so sorry about that. Sorry kasi feeling ko pinagdadamot ko yung thoughts ko na karapat-dapat naman i-share. Not so sorry kasi I just need this time off from writing on this blog-bloggan of mine.

Anyway, since I’m occupied with a lot of things I can’t share yet, I’m just dropping by to share this lovely song that’s been on my playlist for some days now. This song makes a good company.

It’s Haven’t Even Kissed by Moriah Peters. Here’s the video with lyrics:


Sa kultura at panahon ngayon, sinasabi na para malaman kung mahal mo talaga ang isang tao at kung compatible kayo, kailangan muna ng physical intimacy. Try try muna bago magcommit. “Mahirap na, baka di kayo compatible,” wika ng ibang kilala ko.

Ano ba ang tingin mo sa relationships? Para ba yang pagpasok sa department store, paghahanap ng tipong damit, pagsusukat, at pag hindi nagustuhan ipapabalik sa stock room?

Mabuti sana kung ang tao ay parang damit sa hanger, walang pakiramdam. Pero hindi. May puso tayo. And we can’t love and not give away something. Sa pagpapalit-palit natin ng karelasyon para subukan kung ito na ba ang compatible satin, we give away pieces not just of our hearts but of our whole being. Imagine mo, pag haharap ka na sa taong hinanda ni God para sayo, anong ibibigay mo? Crust? Tira-tira? Mumu? Kung siya ang haharap sayo na may pira-pirasong puso, anong mararamdaman mo?

This song reminds me of two things.

1. The fight for our and our partner’s physical and emotional purity (for women) is a fight worth the waiting and the pain and loneliness that comes with it. It’ll be tough but the song encourages me that there’s just so much blessing after. As the song goes, it’s “beautifully more than I could ever imagine.”

If you think that what Hollywood and Primetime Bida feeds us through pictures of the leading man kissing the leading lady (or the mistress) is the most romantic thing in the world, think again. The greatest blessings come from obedience to God. And His command? I believe God wants to tell every single person reading this:

I know and understand your desires. I hear your prayers/demands/clamours. Sometimes, it seems that I don’t answer or even listen but I do. Take heart, my daughter/son, I have a beautiful plan for your life. Let me write your love story and wait upon me. Wait because it’ll be worth it.

2. Physical intimacy isn’t a prerequisite to loving a person. Sadly, most of us will cross our borders just to prove something in a relationship. Couples “try it out” to see if their relationship could “work out”. If it does, they’ll go for it much longer.

What if it doesn’t? What if somewhere along the way, they fall out? Eh di move on. Easier said than that. Este, easier said than done. Move on to the next relationship. Yes? And the cycle goes on. Before you know it, you’ve been jaded many times that you can’t truly love and let anyone love you truly anymore.

Loving is more than emotions and falling. It’s a decision. When we do, we love the other person as he/she is and not for what he/she can do for us.

Therefore, sisters, any man who says he loves you but will ask you (blatantly or subtly) to compromise your purity just so you could prove your love is a complete JERK. An Oportunista. If you’ll just embrace how precious God sees you, you’ll understand than you’re worth more than that.

Reserve yourself for that God-given person and your purity for marriage. For those, like me, who made unwise decisions in the past, God’s always willing to give us a new life through His Son, Jesus Christ. As you listen to this song, let it remind you that there’s beauty in waiting and just enjoy that season while you’re at it! 🙂


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