A Single Mom’s Prayer on Father’s Day

Father’s Day na naman.

Puno ng Father’s Day greeting and collage ang Instagram newsfeed ko. May konting kurot na naman sa puso ko. Buti pa sila may fond memories with their dads and they can say that their dads are their heroes.

For me, my father wasn’t. I have so many reasons to be bitter and angry towards him. But everytime I think about my heavenly Father’s love for me, I remember that true love is unconditional. I am reminded to love and honor my father even though he is and will never be perfect nor ideal.

When we look around, we see so many Adrians (hangover from #TLW). Fathers who failed to fulfill their roles as husband to their one and only legal wife and as a father to their children. Look at your home, he is there. Look at your office, he’s there. Look at your church, he’s there. (People in church aren’t perfect. They also need the transformative grace of God). Heartbreaking, indeed.


Any man can father a child but it takes a decision to count unto God’s grace to be able to love, protect, provide for, and guide that child. Most of the fathers I know don’t know that. But my prayer is this:

As they commit their life to God and surrender to His will, these men will be able to embrace the roles entrusted to them. I pray that they and all the boys today, including my son, will grow to be a man who will pursue God’s will in their lives and be fathers who will lead their family to love and serve the Lord.

I, myself, cannot be a good mother to my son apart from God’s grace. Being a parent is just one of our roles. Before we can fulfill that, we first have to be secure in our identity. We are sons and daughters of God through Jesus Christ. We have been saved, redeemed, trasnformed, and loved more than we deserved. I pray that we will all first grasp and live by that love and then we can love our children.


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