Why Project Ember?

Recall when you were a kid drawing a picture of what he/she wants to be 20-30 years from then. Upon finishing, you wave it in the air to show to your mother or teacher. You’re just excited about what you can be. Now, imagine your drawing get caught in a fire. You watch in tears as it burn down to ashes. Afterall, it’s not just an artwork but a picture of your dreams.

In the heart of each abandoned child is an ember, a dying glow of hope. Their circumstances put out what used to be roaring flames of dreams and aspirations.

Some are left to nothing and just give up. Some are snatched from hopelessness and are given another chance to live and dream. So they fight… fight for a better life, for a better future.

Like embers, all they need are people who will fan back into flame the dwindling embers of hope in their hearts. They need people who will remind them that there is hope and that is in Christ Jesus.


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